Pedro’s work on Electrical Muscle Stimulation

 Lopes, P. and Baudisch, P. Muscle-propelled force feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices. Proc. of CHI’13, (2013), 2577–2580. (video // paper)


Lopes, P., Ion, A., Mueller, W., Hoffmann, D., Jonell, P., and Baudisch, P. Proprioceptive Interaction. Proc. of CHI’15 (to appear), (2015). (paper)


 Lopes, P., Jonell, P., and Baudisch, P. Affordance++: allowing objects to communicate dynamic use. Proc. of CHI’15 (to appear), (2015). (paper



Max’s work on Electrical Muscle Stimulation

player  Pfeiffer, M., Schneegaß, S.,  and Alt, F. Supporting interaction in public space with electrical muscle stimulation. Proc. of UBICOMP’13, (2013), 5-8.


arm-emsPfeiffer, M., Schneegaß, S.,  Alt, F., and Rohs, M. Let Me Grab This : A Comparison of EMS and Vibration for Haptic Feedback in Free-Hand Interaction. Proc. of Augmented Human’14, (2014), 1–8.


ThumbnailImage Pfeiffer, M., Duente, T., Schneegass, S., Alt, F., and Rohs, M. Cruise Control for Pedestrians: Controlling Walking Direction using Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Proc. of CHI’15 (to appear), (2015).


user Pfeiffer, M. and Stuerzlinger, W. 3D Virtual Hand Pointing with EMS and Vibration Feedback. 3DUI’15 (to appear), (2015).


Other’s work on Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Tamaki, E., Miyaki, T., and Rekimoto, J. PossessedHand: Techniques for controlling human hands using electrical muscles stimuli. Proc. of CHI’11, (2011), 543.

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